The Corporate Entrepreneur

Democratize Ideas

Episode Summary

A profound shift is taking place in the way business transformation is happening. Executives are beginning to understand the value of implementing a Mutual Benefit Culture. Corporate Entrepreneurial Leaders are beginning to engage with employees from every level. These leaders know that buy-in from employees at every level is critical to effectively transforming an organization. Executing and delivering on the company’s strategy requires interconnectedness through team alignment and support. Tapping into the corporate wisdom of the workforce in a meaningful way is essential in establishing both inclusivity and input, ensuring a significant impact is achieved by implementing a new technology or process improvement. Corporations are seeking out the best practices of companies that went from startup to worldwide enterprises. They are looking for ways to turn their ship faster and more efficiently. They are looking to turn their employees into Corporate Entrepreneurial Leaders. The solutions is to Democratize Ideas through a facilitated Thought Leadership Pod!